Hockey and Racism: A Conversation with Saroya Tinker

I had the privilege of interviewing Yale graduate Saroya Tinker. The Metropolitan Riveters recently selected Saroya Tinker with the fourth overall pick in the National Womens Hockey League (NWHL) draft. Saroya is a defensively responsible defender with a great first outlet pass. For more on Saroya, check out this excellent article from our friends at The Ice Garden.

Our discussion focused on the issue of racism in hockey and society, how people can work towards equity, and the challenges Saroya has faced as a person of colour. The questions were similar to my interview with Kurtis Gabriel with the Philadelphia Flyers’ organisation, which you can access by clicking here.

My Interview with Saroya Tinker

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I referenced a few articles with Saroya during our conversation and they are all insightful reads. You may check them out here:

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