NHL All-Star Changes Leaked

Recently the NHL and NHLPA had a meeting to address the dwindling popularity surrounding the All-Star event, specifically how to increase fan engagement and viewership. Hockey Embassy was able to obtain details of the meeting and we are pleased to provide particulars of some of the proposed fan-focused initiatives here for your reading pleasure.

EA Sports Virtual Reality NHL Simulation

Fans will be able to enjoy a 20-minute virtual reality experience to feel what it’s like playing for their favourite team. Montreal Canadiens fans, ever wondered what it would be like playing in the Bell Centre? 19 minutes of your 20 minute experience will be spent enjoying a pre-game ceremony honouring the 1976 arena concession staff.

Don’t worry Leafs fans, we have you covered too. Experience the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ scenario, where you play the last minutes of the third period of game 7 against the Boston Bruins. Choose the amount of goals you wish to be leading by and witness the amazement first-hand as, regardless of what you do, the lead evaporates in the dying seconds of regulation.

Islanders and Panthers fans can soak up the atmosphere of a home game where the opposing teams fans outnumber their own in a half-empty arena.

Or re-live history and celebrate winning the Stanley Cup with Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. Liver transplants available for return customers!

Don Cherry/Mike Babcock Experience

All your favourite fighters/agitators will be present at this unique exhibit. For all ‘you people’ who have tweeted that there needs to be more fighting in hockey, this is the place for you. Special Guest Mike Babcock will be present to ‘encourage’ you to make a list of all the fighters present and rank them from toughest to weakest. Don’t worry, he won’t show anyone else the list, this is just between him and you. Spoiler alert: he’ll show it to the bottom four guys on the list, who will then ‘surprise you’ with a hands-on demonstration of their fighting abilities. Get your 15 minutes of fame as Don Cherry live tweets the experience in all caps. Current health insurance is recommended, though legally not essential as long as you sign the waiver, for this event.

Department of Player Safety Exhibit

Get an insight into the intricate process involved with assessing whether an in-game incident is worthy of a fine or suspension. Feel what it’s like to be George Parros, Head of Department of Player Safety, as you determine the extent of punitive measures. Random fans will be selected to be hit into the boards by your favourite agitators, whereupon you as an observer will be spun around before throwing a dart at a dartboard make an unbiased and informed decision. Of course any Boston Bruins player is ineligible to be suspended.

Beard-Tasting with Brad Marchand

And finally, fans are invited to join everybody’s favourite ‘B.M.’, Brad Marchand, as he pairs various beards with a complementary wine. Does Joe Thornton’s beard pair better with a Shiraz or a Sauvignon Blanc? Perhaps a Pinot Noir goes well with Radko Gudas’ prodigious face fluff. Let Marchand lead you on a sensory and flavour-filled adventure beyond your wildest imaginations. Patrons with beards are invited to ask for the ‘Callahan Special’.

That’s all we have for now, of course we will keep you posted if any further information comes to light. In the meantime, feel free to follow Hockey Embassy on Twitter and my personal account to let me know what you think.

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